Hati and Ruby

Photo by Michael Jones


One day I wanted to ask a girl that I saw at a bar to dance, but I didn’t know how to. I turned to Google and searched “Dance classes Wellington” and iDance Wellington was the first suggestion – so I decided to take a chance.

My first class ignited an insatiable passion for dance within me. 5 years later I’m now learning to teach others – helping them ignite the passion within themselves and fall in love with such an amazing community.

As for the girl who started it all, her face has faded from my memory, but her impact remains indelible.


Covid hit the scene in 2020, and after being locked down in Wellington I needed something social and active in my life.

This is when I fell in love with partner dancing at iDance Wellington.

Coming to iDance lit something inside me and I’ve been absolutely obsessed ever since. I’m an ambitious dancer who constantly wants to grow and challenge themselves. I love learning and finding new ways to improve, come learn with us!