Registrations Are Open!

We start the weekend with an opening dance party where you get to meet all your friends from all over the country, or to make lots of new friends on the social dance floor.

Saturday begins with not one but three workshops. Early afternoon we are switching into competition mode – but this is no traditional competition. The emphasis here is on having fun, and finding the best all-rounders.

We believe that Simply is all about social dancing – so we have put Saturday evening aside for another epic dance party. We have also allowed a full 30 minutes between each workshop this year. During this time music will be playing in the main hall. You can use this time to eat, socialise, practice what you’ve just been taught, or just enjoy a boogie!

Sunday we have another four workshops lined up for you – then you get to have a small rest before the highlight of the entire weekend – the Simply Ball. This year we have chosen a medieval theme. So get thinking and see what you can come up with!

We finish the weekend with a chill-out brunch at the Southern Cross.