Levels and Points


We have aligned with the Modern Jive Points Index (MJPI) to more fairly recognise dancers for their efforts at competitions. Significant analysis and data modelling was completed to produce the fairest and most effective points system possible, resulting in MJPI. It was first used by Fevah Modern Jive Christchurch in 2016, and was adopted by iDance Wellington in 2017. The key concept of MJPI is to fairly reward competitors for their effort. Points awarded to competitors by MJPI vary depending on a number of factors, including: the type of event, the number of competitors, how far they progressed, and where they placed.

If you competed at any of the following competitions, then you will already be registered with the MJPI. We will check your MJPI registration to ensure you are entered in the correct level.

  • the Fevah Modern Jive Christchurch Champs from 2016 onwards;
  • the Wellington iDance Classic from 2017 onwards; or
  • the Simply Dance Weekend competition from 2017 onwards.

If you do not have a MJPI registration, please go to the MJPI website to register and receive your MJPI number. The website contains a guide as to how to select the starting level that is correct for you.


You move up levels by earning points at every competition you enter. The number of points you earn will be determined by the type of event, how many rounds there are in that event, how far you progressed through the rounds, and whether or not you placed.

When your points exceed the upper limit of a level, you will level up and your points will reset to the base points of your new level for your next competition. e.g. If you are at Level 1 and score 75 points at a competition, you will start the next competition as Level 2 with a point score of 60.

The points for each level are as follows:
Level 1: 0 – 59 points
Level 2: 60 – 249 points
Level 3: 250 – 499 points
Level 4: 500 points or more

Points are calculated for every event you enter at a competition. Only your highest point earning event at a single competition will count towards your MJPI points total. e.g. If you compete in three events and earn 18, 45, and 6 points in those events, your MJPI points score will be increased by 45 points.

As a fun competition, the Simply Dance Weekend only includes tier 3 events (except for the Jive Masters, which are tier 1).
Tier 1 Events
Freestyle and DWAS; earn between 10 and 100 points
Tier 2 Events
Aerials / Open; earn between 5 and 50 points
Tier 3 Events
BOTS, X-Factor, Infinity, Roulette, Lucky Dip, Swaps n Steals, Triples, Showcases, and Teams; earn between 3 and 30 points

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