Simply is a fun competition, where the emphasis is on enjoying yourselves, and entertaining the audience.  Therefore we’ve dropped the traditional competition categories in favour of a few other options.


  • Dance Roulette
  • Swaps and Steals
  • Lucky Dip

Dance Roulette

Partner: Required
Lead & Follow: Any gender
Switch lead/follow: Not permitted

In this exciting new category, we’re aiming to find the best all-rounder.  We’re going to present you with a challenge, and only the best will make it through!  This is going to consist of:

  • Music Mash-up
  • Infinity
  • Blind Date (follow is blindfolded)
  • Vice Versa
  • Broken Wing (only one pre-selected arm permitted for the leads, follows may use either arm)
  • Standard Freestyle

So how will this work?

  • Every couple will dance three rounds with the couples in each heat randomised
  • Each round and both songs in the final will be a different category from the list above
  • Points will be allocated in each heat, and combined for an overall score
  • Illegal moves (e.g. letting go in Infinity, wrong hand in Broken Wing, etc.) will earn 0 points for the round in which it occurs – competitors are not disqualified
  • The top six based on point totals will progress through to the final
  • The final will be two songs with two different categories, and will be winner takes all.  (i.e. not added to preliminary points)
  • Normal ranked judging will be used throughout

Swaps and Steals

Partner: Two required
Lead & Follow: Any gender
Switch lead/follow: Permitted

A team of three dancers enter this event, but only two can dance together at any one time. The spare person swaps or steals the lead or follow role from the dancing couple in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the dance and you can change roles when you swap or steal a dancer. There may be a brief connection between all three dancers during a swap or steal but it shouldn’t last any longer than required for the transition. Different level competitors may compete together.

Lucky Dip

Partner: Not required
Lead: Male
Follow: Female
Switch lead/follow: Not allowed

Dancers enter this category on their own and on the day before the competition we will randomly pair you up with another dancer who will be your partner for the entire event. Unfortunately with Lucky Dip we cannot accommodate surplus ladies (or men). Those who apply for Lucky Dip are taken on a first paid first served basis. This year we will pool names into different groups based on level and region before randomly assigning partners to increase the likelihood that you a paired with someone from a different level and region.

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